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Quick Check List for Setting Progressive Dies

Follow all OSHA safety and corporate safety requirements. Pay attention to the die setting process information chart. This should list all equipment and tools needed to set the die. Make sure the new die to be set is clean and has no burrs or nicks on the die shoes, on top or bottom. Make note of the shut height and check to see if it has been revised since the last setting. Set the press slide at top dead center

Latest Rebuild

Sooner or later every manufacturing company is going to face the difficult decision of whether to buy new equipment or do a machine tool rebuild project. With all the bells and whistles of new technology, it may be tempting to go with a new machine but a machine tool rebuild often can be the better choice. This is our latest project:

Inside Tips on Press Upkeep

Add a metal plate to the upper die shoe and indicate upper die weight If you have an AMP meter on your main motor, you can use this to gauge when you have the optimum pressure setting. By watching the AMP meter, adjust ACB pressure until gauge has minimal movement when running at the desired strokes per minute. Be sure ACB cylinders are getting the proper amount of lubrication to keep seal and packings in good condition and prevent scoring of the piston rod. Drain ACB Supply Surge Tanks weekly…