The following list of products describes some of the many products Heim & Rousselle products have helped to produce.

Sandpaper discs Hardware
Dog tags Military
Balsa wood planes Leisure Products
Ladders Industrial Supply
Foam pillows Home Products
Mattresses Home Products
Seat belts Automotive
Metal gauges Industrial Supply
Ceiling components Home Products
Conveyor racks Industrial Supply
Computer cabinets Computer
Circuit boards Computer
Dog houses Home Products
Staplers Office Supply
Tile samples Home Products
Carpet samples Home Products
Gaskets Industrial Supply
Fertilizer spreaders Home Products
Road signs Infrastructure
License plates Infrastructure
Drums/drum lids Petroleum
Baby bottle nipples Home Products
Credit cards Banking
Moldings Automotive
Basketball hoops Leisure Products
Lockers Industrial Supply
Barbecue grills Home Products
Washers Appliance
Dryers Appliance
Refrigerators Appliance
Air conditioners Appliance
Electric fans Appliance
Firearms Military
Gunshell casings Military
Garage doors Home Products
Calendars Office Supply
Filing cabinets Office Supply
Structural components Industrial Supply
Soup cans Food