Press Inspection Guide

For greater safety and production from your press equipment, it is of the utmost importance that a regular press inspection program be developed and followed. A complete maintenance program and procedure should be set up to include:

(1) press inspection

(2) preventive maintenance

(3) repair and replacement of components

(4) complete checkout after repairs

Sample “Press Inspection Checklist” can be downloaded below. They are not intended to be complete. Each press user must compile a check list that includes all items recommended by The Heim Group in addition to others applicable to a particular press. Make certain that the condition of point of operation safety devices and check points of accessory equipment are a part of the check list.

The suggested frequency of inspection depends on operating conditions. Experience may require you to alter the frequency. The final frequency established by you will be determined by the number of shifts worked, light or severe application, production cycles and experience factors.

Press inspections may be performed by various types of personnel. Daily inspection may be assigned to operators, die setters or foremen as part of their normal duties. This inspection can cover items such as lubrication, loose or broken fasteners, unusual equipment noise, proper functioning of electrical controls, faulty or missing safety devices and any abnormal condition of operation. More thorough inspections should be made at predetermined intervals, such as on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis with reference to a check list.

Corrective action should be taken immediately to repair or perform required maintenance on any items found to be “unsatisfactory”. Do not permit the press to be used until all “unsatisfactory” items have been corrected. Replacement parts should be a current replacement item or an approved substitute. Should it become necessary to repair or replace any of the larger components, proper handling equipment must be provided. After all repairs and maintenance have been completed, the results should be checked. The press should be started and test-run to determine that everything is functioning properly.

Make sure that all guards and safety devices have been installed and are functioning correctly.

Press Inspection Checklist